AI4EO - Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation

Bridging the gap between EO and AI Communities. Towards a European AI for Earth Observation Research & Innovation Agenda.

Copernicus Land: European Coastal Zone hotspot thematic mapping

Copernicus Land Monitoring Services: European Coastal Zone hotspot thematic mapping.

AIX Smart In-Orbit Data Processing

AIX is a satellite as-a-service platform providing on-demand, in-orbit data processing resources to turn raw data into actionable knowledge.

Beyond Planck

Beyond Planck: delivering state-of-the-art observations of the microwave sky from 30 to 70 GHz for the next decade.

EO LAW – EO derived information in support of Law Enforcement

Implementation of services in a virtual platform in the Law Enforcement domain based on the integration of EO information, ICT data analytics , and non-EO data fusion.

PLAAVI - Planck Archive Added Value Interfaces

When Technology meets Science: Understanding our Universe


PRISMA satellite mission - Earth Observation Hyperspectral Precursor System


SEAiGRASS platform is a unique solution for Maritime Spatial Planning, mainly targeting the conservation of Posidonia Oceanica meadows.

ECFAS: European Coastal Flood Awareness System

European Coastal Flood Awareness System

MARINE–EO: demand-driven EO-based services in the field of maritime awareness

MARINE–EO: demand-driven EO-based services in the field of maritime awareness.

EO mapping supporting FRONTEX border surveillance

Provision of Earth Observation based Very High Resolution Reference Mapping products in support to FRONTEX.


The ESA-SAPS publications system

COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation

Design and implementation of processing facilities for Italy's second generation COSMO-SkyMed constellation of two satellites.

Coastal Water Attribute Monitoring using Satellite data

Red Tide detection and water quality monitoring in the United Arab Emirates (Arabian Gulf) in support of human health and desalination plants operation against harmful algal blooms.

EO4SD Disaster Risk Reduction

The ESA EO4SD Disaster Risk Reduction project aims to promote the adoption of Earth Observation-based products and services to prevent or mitigate the adverse impacts of natural disasters in developing countries.

DECiSION – Big Data and machine learning to monitor water & sewerage networks

 Design and development of a prototype information system capable of analysing big data to provide analytical and forecasting information, which will help decision making in various application and industrial fields.

EOSAI: EO services for aquaculture sector

Expanding the EO services dedicated to aquaculture sector to a new level.

eENVplus: eEnvironmental services for advanced applications within INSPIRE

Fostering the implementation of INSPIRE and SEIS through deployment and integration of value-added eEnvironment services and applications.

SAIMON: Satellite Near Real Time Monitoring Network of the Eutrophication Risk

Near Real Time and continuous satellite monitoring of costal waters

HOLISTIC: Seismic and Wildfire Risks

Reducing the number and the impact of forest fires, protecting people, natural environment and properties, and promoting fire prevention among rural communities in Adriatic region.


The AquaMar project developed Water Quality downstream services to support to EU Water Framework Directive and European Marine Strategy, Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) detection, marine coastal infrastructure projects, aquaculture precision farming and bathing waters quality monitoring.

Coastal Thematic Exploitation Platform

The ESA Coastal TEP online service provides access to an extensive archive of coastal information, from over 20 yrs of Satellite & other data archives, for a wide range of uses: environmental monitoring, site assessment, maritime security & safety, coastal awareness, coastal planning & blue growth.


GIS-based Infrastructure Management System for Optimized Response to Extreme Events on Terrestrial Transport Networks


Monitoring Posidonia on Arki island. A 3D WebGIS application for ecotourism in Greece.

Innovation Technologies and Applications for Coastal Archaeological sites

Providing Earth Observation and webGIS tools to locate and monitor underwater archaeological sites in coastal zone

EO4GEO space geo-information sector skills alliance supporting Copernicus user uptake

EO4GEO developing space geo information sector skills and competences to support Copernicus User Uptake

SAFER Services and Applications For Emergency Response

SAFER aims at implementing pre-operational versions of the Emergency Response Core Service, for the European program Copernicus-GMES Fast-Track Services.

Semantic EO Data Web Alert and Retrieval Framework

Creating an intelligent framework for Earth Observation image retrieval.

Solar Orbiter Data Processing Unit

Development of the Data Processing Unit for the Solar Wind Analyser instrument, part of the Solar Orbiter mission.

EO Data Fusion for UN

To exploit and improve advanced EO techniques to derive information products/services supporting the UN Department involved in peacekeeping mission.

e-shape EO Applications Powered by Europe

EuroGEO Showcases: Applications Powered by Europe



Providing Earth Observation and webGIS tools to locate and monitor underwater archaeological sites in coastal zone


Landslide and Natural Risks Monitoring through Earth Observation data

Posidonia Monitoring

Submerged vegetation mapping from VHR satellite data. Case Studies in Montenegro and Apulia (Italy).

Urban Heat Island (UHI)

Integration of satellite remote sensing observations with urban ground stations into urban meteorological and climate modelling to help decision and policy makers in better preventing the impact of Urban Heat Island (UHI) through appropriate alert systems and in reducing the risk, with dedicated urban land planning.

Geoportal of Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Fisheries

Development of the Geoportal, open to internal and external users, to easily access to the wide collection of datasets owned by the Ministère de l'Agriculture et de la Pêche Maritime (MAPM).

Waste Earth Observation Services

Earth Observation based geo-information services for Rapid response mapping and long term monitoring of illegal waste treatment sites

GeoPortal of Emilia-Romagna Region

The GeoPortal of Emilia-Romagna Region is the reference access point for the regional territorial information and geolocalized knowledge, compliant to current interoperability directives: national (CNIPA, Intesa GIS) and international (INSPIRE, OGC).

Planetary Radar Operation Center

The Planetary Radar Operation Center (PROC) system is a Spatial Data Infrastructure with automatic catalogue and archive features for standard scientific products. PROC is an Italian Space Agency program unifying the Operative Centers of ASI, ESA and NASA joint planetary missions, in order to set up a unique point of access to the data produced.

INSPIRE Geoportal

The INSPIRE Geoportal is the unique access point to global European Environment Geoinformation resources shared and made available by all member states within the framework of the "Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community" (INSPIRE) Directive.


eEnviper is an EU-funded project to implement an e-government platform to manage environmental permits.

Soil Sealing

Soil monitoring in the built environment


GMES Services for Management of Operations, Situation Awareness and Intelligence for regional Crises


Costal area monitoring and management service. System design and development. Periodical thematic information through the integration of satellite and in situ data with numerical modelling.


Earth Observation for Waste Management Services

Biodiversity Multi-SOurce Monitoring System

BIO_SOS (Biodiversity Multi-SOUrce Monitoring System: From Space To Species) is a project that aims to develop tools and models for consistent multi-annual monitoring of NATURA 2000 sites and their surroundings.



Massive - Mapping Seismic Vulnerability and Risk of Cities - Civil Protection assessments of seismic hazard, seismic vulnerability and risk for buildings at local scale, as well as to estimate the traffic load due to uncontrolled city evacuation.

CeDoc Sardinia

Information system for waters monitoring data collecting, analysis and reporting, in compliance with the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC and with WISE - Water Information System for Europe.



Marine and Coastal Environment Information Services


Design and development of On-board Paylod Data Processing (OPDP) system for on-board data processing and acquisition planning.


The ASI Multi-Mission National Centre. The information (data, products and services) collected and produced through the different Earth Observation missions, made available and shared throughout the scientific community.

PARC system

(Park Advanced Remote Cognition)

IMCA - Integrated Monitoring of Coastal Areas

Integrated Monitoring of Coastal Areas. Coastal areas monitoring service based on the integration of satellite data, in situ data and numeric models.


Land and Sea Integrated Monitoring for European Security (Integrated Project within the 6th FP – Aeronautics & Space/GMES Security).

GRAAL - GMES & Regions Awareness and Access Link

Increasing awareness amongst Local and Regional Authorities (LRAs) of the potential benefits of GMES Copernicus downstream services, through the production and development of specific communication tools and web services.

Ocean Color Map

Services for Coastal and Sea Monitoring


COSMO–SkyMed Mosaicking Processor

SDI for Civil Protection in Calabria Region

Decision Support for emergency management: the Civil Protection SDI of Regione Calabria


Geodata and Crisis Early Warning Situation Awareness.


Planetary Geoscience Information System


WebGIS Systems for Planetary Data

Cosmo PE

Cosmo SkyMED Performance Estimator

Ozone 3D Service

Thematic maps of the Ozone distribution

Innovative Platform for Payload Data Ground Segment

IP4PDGS  - Innovative Platform for Payload Data Ground Segment focuses on the study and design of an innovative cloud computing infrastructure for processing satellite payload data.


FPGA or SW solution for on-board hi-performance hyperspectral data compression and cloud classification


Humid areas Management

SLAM - hydrogeological risk monitoring

hydrogeological and landslides risk monitoring through satellite interferometric techniques


Integrated Multimodal Platform for Urban and Extra Urban Logistic System Optimisation


Prevention, Information and Early Warning pre-operational services to support the risks management


Decision Support System for forest fires


Forest Fire Risk management


Integrated system in support of Parks services implementation: Park management and monitoring, and tourists safety and tours services.