Public transports, sustainable urban mobility, protection of vehicles, goods shipping and logistic chain monitoring. The integration of distinct technologies (GPS, GIS, wireless communication) enables transport services management to new strategic information, vital to achieve higher performances, by reducing costs and improving end users services.

Monitoring the transportation means to guarantee users efficiency and information. This issue is closely linked with the demand of the municipality firms and of the new service companies for urban mobility, in order to improve their offer in terms of quality and communication and information to the users.

Planetek Italia offers a unique and vertical solution, that integrates separate technologies:

  • the satellite positioning system (GPS);
  • the GIS (Geographic Information System)
  • the wireless communication (among these the well-known GSM network, but also through radio and satellite bridges).

The use of this kind of systems, already widespread in the sector of the safety and protection of vehicles (automobiles and commercial means), offers great advantages also to transport companies, improving the logistic chain, the forecast of shipping time and the control of the shipping itself.

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