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simplifying the complexity of Space

Planetek Hellas is a Greek company, member of the Planetek Group that since 1994, operates in the field of Satellite Remote Sensing, Spatial Data Infrastructure and Software development for the “on board” and “ground” segment space applications.

Founded in 2006 and based in Athens, Greece, Planetek Hellas aims to replicate the successful approach to the market of the Group leader Planetek Italia S.r.l., whose applications and solutions are developed within the most important European programs in the field of space research and integrated systems for the management, analysis and sharing of land-related information.

Planetek Hellas’ experience conjugates mastering of advanced remote sensing processing, with GIS Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) competences and real world application delivery. These applications are usually addressed to Public Administrations like central and local Governments, Environmental Agencies, NGO’s, etc.

Planetek Hellas services combine a variety of activities, in nine different ESA contracts. Some of these contract refer to activities such as PARC-Archipelago (Posidonia-oceanica Advanced Remote Cognition), SIMS (Seagrass Integrated Monitorign System), Marcoast2 (Marine & Coastal Environmental Information Services), Coastal Outfall, EOforUN and WEOS

Planetek Hellas has related activities in EC-FP7 and H2020 funded projects, such as SEO-DWARF, SAIMON, ITACA (Innovation Technologies and Applications for Coastal Archaeological sites), SAFER (Space Applications For Emergency Response),  BIO_SOS (Biodiversity Multisource Monitoring System – From Space to Species), G-NEXT (GMES pre-operational security services for supporting external actions), and eENVplus (eEnvironmental services for advanced application within INSPIRE). Planetek Hellas has also developed for ESA several systems integrated into ESA-SSE (service support environment) service architecture, under the projects NTSS (Naval Traffic Statistics for Security) and Ozone 3D.

Planetek Hellas is also the first Greek company to have ever signed a contract with the European Space Astronomy Centre (March 2013) for which it implemented an SDI system (ESA-SAPS). The trust of ESAC on Planetek Hellas was reconfirmed in December 2014, when the company signed a new contract for the development of the Web Interfaces for the Planck mission archive.

The know how of Planetek Hellas and its participation to the above projects has led to the formalization of the below specific products-services:

  • Satellite based Near Real Time Sea Water Quality Monitoring
  • (Chlorophyll-a concentration, Sea Surface Temperature, Water Transparency)
  • Water Turbidity at high resolution
  • Satellite Seabed and Sea Grass Mapping (Posidonia Oceanica)
  • Shallow Waters bathymetry
  • Satellite Coastline Monitoring
  • Coastal erosion and Restoration
  • Coastal Land Use (Mangrove mapping)
  • Census and classification of Coastal Work
  • Oil and Gas Implantation monitoring
  • Near-shore dredging / excavation works
  • Pipeline movement detection
  • INSPIRE compliant Spatial Data Infrastructure Platforms

Planetek Group participates also to the definition and implementation of software for space systems for Earth Observation missions, such as ERS, Envisat and COSMO-SkyMED. The experience in providing Geoinformation solutions (Earth Observation & Spatial Data Infrastructure) and the collaboration with ESA and European Commission, makes the company a provider of specific technologies needed to receive and process the satellite data acquired by the spacecrafts instruments, solutions and systems to archive, disseminate, publish and share the generated products as well as engineering consulting services for new missions definition, feasibility studies, ground control system architecture definition, requirements specification and design.

The previous activities are included into the "Ground Segment" systems, set up on Earth to manage and control the space missions and to receive and process the data produced by the spacecraft's instruments. The specific know-how and expertise is a common property of Planetek Group, as a consequence of a continuous knowledge transfer policy. Planetek Hellas is the reference company for the Greek market as a provider of "Ground Segment" services and systems.


Planetek Italia group profile on Scribd  (download it here as PDF)