Energy and utilities

Energy and utilities

Planetek design and develop modular systems for the integrated management of the technological networks (Energy Gas Oil and Water supply) in urban and extra-urban areas, accessible also via Internet.

The management of technological networks inside the urban and extra-urban context is getting more and more important for the correct government of the territory. As a consequence, the managers of these services have both the need to improve their competitive capability, considering the gradual liberalization of the market, and the obligation to accomplish the increasing tasks imposed by the laws of the sector. The competitiveness involves above all the reduction of the costs connected to the management and the general improvement of the service.

Planetek has developed a modular system for the integrated management of the technological networks in urban and extra-urban areas, accessible also via Internet. The System allows the analysis of all the works that constitute a technological network, both from the cartographic point of view (considering the territorial context in which they are inserted) and from the alphanumeric-operational point of view, because the works interact with pre-existent managerial platforms. Therefore, it has been possible to realize a complete and integrated information system, capable to provide any kind of useful information on-line, to optimize and make more efficient the management of the whole network.

Moreover, the adoption of base standard technologies available on the market has allowed the achievement of a further level of convenience and opportunity. In fact, Microsoft technology, relational databases and ESRI ArcGIS have been chosen in solutions aimed at safety and ease-of-use principles. The Systems have been realized according to functional specification derived from an extensive analysis of the user`s requirements. One of the more complete systems developed has been provided to the principal European operator in the sector of the water supply management and sewer networks. The system is able to manage simultaneously both hundreds of urban water and sewer networks and the whole extra-urban works. It places a series of functions at the disposal of the users, also not particularly experienced, that facilitate and support the phase of (re)planning stretches of the network. Those functions are also useful to plan and manage any kind of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance intervention. The access via the Web, then, allows workers displaced in centers far from the Firm to access the System whenever they need.

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