The group

The group

Planetek group companies

The Planetek group consists of 4 companies.

In addition to the Planetek Italia s.r.l. parent company, Planetek Hellas EPE and two university spin-offs, GAP s.r.l. and GEO-K s.r.l., also belong to the group.

Planetek Italia

Is the group leader and founder. Planetek Italia designs new processes and solutions that simplify the use of geospatial information. Its activity covers all phases of the geospatial data life cycle, from the acquisition, storage, management, analysis and sharing of information, in order to produce and generate knowledge.

Since 1994, the company is active on national and international markets through its Strategic Business Units: SpaceStream, Government & Security, Business to Business and, in Greece, through Planetek Hellas EPE. Application areas are scientific missions for Universe exploration, environmental and land monitoring, as well as open-government and smart cities.

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Planetek Hellas

Planetek Hellas EPE was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Athens, Greece. The company provides solutions in the field of Geomatics, involving the use of E.O. data and systems for environmental monitoring, urban planning and civil protection.

Planetek Hellas is involved in the research and in the analysis of new techniques which process and integrate remote sensing information.

The company is also active in the field of promotion of Earth Observation and Cosmic Exploration data exploitation and pursues close relations with Education and Research Organizations inside and outside Greece.

Planetek Hellas is located in the premises of the newly born Space Cluster in Athens, which permits the company to have access to the most advanced technological infrastructure.

The company now has in its portfolio a variety of successful contracts with European Space Agency, through which it has acquired in-depth knowledge of the Agency’s procedures and high quality requirements.

Planetek Hellas is very active in R&D and is coordinator of a 7th FP European Project.

The expertise of Planetek Hellas has led the company to strengthen its specific skills related to:

  • Earth Observation and Space Astronomy satellite data management, together with processing for both on-board and on ground deployments.
  • Data fusion procedures for Earth Observation and Space Astronomy value added products and service deliveries.
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure platform for delivery, dissemination and exploitation of geospatial products with a time-tested competence in INSPIRE compliant web deployments.


GEO-K s.r.l. is the first spin-off of the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Founded in 2006 its mission is to carry out research and development and provide advice, services and products in the field of image processing and optical, hyperspectral, and microwave remote sensing.

GEO-K personnel have vast experience on an international level in projects developed and promoted by the ESA and the EU Commission.


GAP s.r.l. is a spin-off of the University of Bari. It develops products, processes and services of highly scientific or technological content in the field of remote sensing and related hardware and software technologies, with an emphasis on Geomatic applications.

GAP has developed specific expertise in the detection of millimeter movements of the Earth’s surface by means of the analysis of interferometric data acquired by synthetic aperture radar satellite sensors, to estimate water quality via the analysis of passive satellite sensor operators in the dominion of optical radiation and in the development of environmental modelling.