EO Data Fusion for UN

EO Data Fusion for UN

To exploit and improve advanced EO techniques to derive information products/services supporting the UN Department involved in peacekeeping mission.

The EO Data Fusion for UN (United Nations) project is an ESA funded project within the VAE program. (ESA Contract Nr. 4000106311/12/I-BG). The Consortium developing the project is composed of Planetek Hellas (Prime, GR) and IRIDA Labs (GR).

The goal of the Project is to exploit and improve current advanced EO Fusion techniques involving the more recent EO data (both radar and optical) to derive information products/services which can give a relevant contribution to the enhancement of the existing Users' capabilities.

Scenario and User

The scenario is about supporting the UN Department of Field Support (UN DFS) involved in peacekeeping missions around the globe.

Within this scenario, the Project aims in demonstrating the usefulness of the EO derived products/services and the concrete possibility to transfer them to the Users operational environment with little additional development effort thanks to the activities performed within this project. So, the main objectives of the Project are:

  • To demonstrate and validate the capability of delivering prototype EO based products and services able to support the UN DFS duties and mature enough to allow the roll out for operational utilization.
  • To deliver pre-operational products and services by means of real use-case service trials and also to transfer capabilities to UN DFS, with the aim of improving the awareness and understanding of the associated benefits and impacts. This in turn, is meant to favor the evaluation of a full operational utilization and procurement for the benefit of the similar type of agencies and EO value added industry sector.
  • To validate and qualify the products and service deliver and to evaluate the service utility and success.
  • To obtain from UN DFS clear and realistic evaluation and prospects concerning the utility of the products and services delivered within the Project.

A number of activities will be executed in order to fulfill the defined objectives.

These activities are listed below:

  • To analyze the user needs and to consolidate a list of main requirements [COMPLETED]
  • To define a Service Portfolio and elaborate detailed products specifications which can meet the user requirements [COMPLETED]
  • To define the specification of different prototype service trials: the service trials will be performed over areas where UN DFS missions are currently operating [UN APPROVAL PENDING]
  • To execute the service trials [IN PROGRESS]
  • To validate and qualify the delivered services and products, in particular assessing the service utility
  • To elaborate a roadmap and a plan to transfer to a fully operational service
  • To perform promotion and communication activities.