Planetek in the OCRE's Earth Observation Catalogue

Planetek in the OCRE's Earth Observation Catalogue

The OCRE - Earth Observation Catalogue is now available.

The Open Clouds for Research Environments project (OCRE) aims to accelerate cloud adoption in the European research community, by bringing together cloud providers, Earth Observation (EO) organisations and the research and education community, through ready-to-use service agreements and €9.5 million in adoption funding.

Cloud-based services offer the European research community a wealth of powerful tools, but for many researchers, these are currently out of reach, with suitable services difficult to find and select.

The Earth Observation Catalogue is a useful tool for EU research and education communities to find EO services ready-to-use in research projects to be submitted to EU funding.

Among the EO services Rheticus Safeland our cloud-based tool providing geoanalytics for continuos monitoring of land stability / ground motion phenomena.

To learn more, contact us or Visit the OCRE catalogue: