The European INSPIRE Geoportal awarded to Planetek Italia

The European INSPIRE Geoportal awarded to Planetek Italia


Planetek Italia is starting the activities to set up the INSPIRE Geoportal, the central portal for environmental information in the European Union. The company has been awarded the tender for the "Development of the technical components of the INSPIRE Geoportal at European Level", of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) - Institute for Environment and Sustainability. This version will substitute at operational level the current prototype developed by the JRC.

The INSPIRE Geoportal will be the unique access point to global European environment geoinformation resources shared and made available by all member states within the framework of the "Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community" (INSPIRE) Directive.

The project will be realized in 18 months utilising the Design Thinking paradigm, the working philosophy adopted by Planetek Italia for its activities.

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The proposal of Planetek Italia, prime contractor of the temporary consortium with the German company lat/lon (, has been awarded amongst 17 proposals from biggest European GeoSpatial operators.

The technical proposal is entirely based on Open Source technologies and OGC standards, which Planetek Italia and lat/lon already adopt and even implement.