Rheticus® is an automatic cloud-based geoinformation service platform, designed to deliver fresh and accurate data and information on our changing world

Automatic cloud-based monitoring for infrastructures and buildings

Automatic cloud-based geo-information service for the continuous monitoring of coastal seawater quality and marine resources.

A new service for the identification and analysis of possible wind farm sites

Digital Elevation Models derived from Satellite for orographic studies and for the design and management of works and infrastructures


Geo-information products, derived from satellite data, designed to provide cognitive frameworks that meet the specific needs of each  application field.

Continuous monitoring of water and sewer pipeline stability

GetLOD is an open and reusable solution for publishing geographic data on the Web as Linked Open Data, according to the standard RDF / XML.

EGSE SW Front-End for Integration, Verification & Validation activities of a satellite payload

Open and modular Payload Data Processing framework, transferring satellite data processing from the Ground to the Space Segment