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Space Segment SW

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From Planet Earth to the entire solar system. Our expertise includes Earth and other Planets Observation, together with specific Space technologies knowledge.

Space Segment SW

From Planet Earth to the entire solar system. Planetek Italia expertise includes certainly Earth Observation and Remote Sensing technologies. These technologies are enriched and well mixed with specific Space technologies knowledge, that makes the company a leading provider of Space Systems among the Apulian Aerospace District.

Through our Space Systems and solutions team we operate in this market working on research and development activities in support of human exploration of solar system (and beyond).

The reference clients are Space Agencies(e.g. the Italian Space Agency with COSMO-SkyMed,programme and the European Space Agency with Sentinel programme), and cooperating organizations as major players of the aerospace industry.

Our competences are in the design, development and integration hardware and software infrastructure for the collection, processing and distribution of remotely sensed data, along the entire production chain: from Deep Space to Earth Observation; from Space Segment, to Ground Segment, and User Segment.

Our specific competences are on Systems and Software Engineering with strong verticalization on Space Mission Analysis and Design (SMAD).