ph1: Junior Earth Observation & GIS Expert (10 openings)

ph1: Junior Earth Observation & GIS Expert (10 openings)



Founded in 2006, Planetek Hellas provides solutions in the field of Geomatics, involving the use of EO data and systems for environmental & critical infrastructure monitoring, urban planning, civil protection and security. Planetek Hellas is involved in the research and in the analysis of new techniques, which process and integrate remote sensing information with state of the art technologies of now days such as HPC, AI and Internet. The company is also active in the field of promotion of Earth Observation and Cosmic Exploration data exploitation and pursues close relations with Education and Research Organizations inside and outside Greece. The company has in its portfolio a variety of successful contracts with European Space Agency, through which it has acquired in-depth knowledge of the Agency’s procedures and high quality requirements. Planetek Hellas is also very active in R&D, participating in many research European (FP7, HORIZON) and National Projects.

The expertise of Planetek Hellas has led the company to strengthen its specific skills related to:

  • Earth Observation and Space Astronomy satellite data management, together with processing for both on-board and on ground deployments.
  • Data fusion procedures for Earth Observation and Space Astronomy value added products and service deliveries.
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure platform for delivery, dissemination and exploitation of geospatial products with a time-tested competence in INSPIRE compliant web deployments.
  • Development of software for the satellite on-board data and image processing. 

The continuously expanding activities of Planetek Hellas have created job opportunities for 10 new entrants as Junior Earth Observation & GIS Experts in our team. The new colleagues will be involved in image analysis and processing activities, as well as digital mapping.


  • Perform basic image pre-processing & processing workflows
  • Analyze and extract useful information from Multispectral (MR, HR, VHR) Satellite data (i.e. Sentinel-2, Landsat 8, WorldView, Pleiades, etc.)
  • Basic SAR data processing (i.e. Sentinel-1, COSMO-SkyMed, etc)
  • Production of LU/LC Maps, following the CORINE Nomenclature
  • Production of vector data and maps using commercial and Open source Remote Sensing & GIS software


  • Degree in areas such as Rural and Survey Engineering, Forestry, Environment, Geography, Physical Sciences or Geology. A Master in Geoinformatics, Remote Sensing or Digital Cartography would be considered an added value
  • Good knowledge in various GIS and Remote Sensing software packages
  • Previous work experience in the production LU/LC Maps
  • Knowledge and experience over the CORINE LU/LC Products and Nomenclature
  • Previous work experience in the production of Topographic and Urban Maps
  • Previous experience in applying remote sensing techniques for Natural Disasters (i.e. floods, fires, earthquakes, etc.)
  • Fluency in English and Greek.

The ideal profile of the successful candidate is completed by seriousness and reliability, excellent analytical and problem solving skills, excellent organizational skills, strong ability to work within a team in order to meet specific objectives qualitevely and quantitively defined, excellent relational and communicative skills, proactivity.


  • Previous experience is SAR data processing
  • or previous experience in developing automated workflows using the Python or R language. Spatial packages like gdal, numpy, arcpy, etc. are also considered an asset.
  • or previous experience in software development
  • or research or industrial experience in Artificial Intelligence for image processing.


For us at Planetek Hellas results are more important than time and our respect for people takes priority over their skills. Passion and responsibility are the qualities we value in our employees while ethics, professionalism and availability are the elements that distinguish our work philosophy. Choose us if you think that a company like Planetek offers you the opportunity to work with enthusiasm and if you believe you can make an important contribution toward developing a strategic segment for our company.

Your office will be located in Athens.


Tell us who you are, what you've accomplished so far in your career and what your goals are for the near future.

Along with your CV, please provide us with a short note in reply to the following two questions:

    * Why would you like to bet on innovative SMEs like Planetek?

    * Why should we bet on you?

Write us, exclusively in English   at:   jobs  @  (remove blank spaces), if your profile matches the one we’re looking for and we will do the rest.

Please use the following reference in the subject of your email: ph1: Earth Observation & GIS Expert

Candidates should take into account that if selected, a training & evaluation workshop will take place on 7-9/10/2019 at Planetek Hellas premises.

Please send us your application by Monday 30th of September 2019