Webinar Indexes and Thematic Maps for Urban Planning with WorldView-2

Webinar Indexes and Thematic Maps for Urban Planning with WorldView-2

DigitalGlobe, one of the world's biggest satellite imagery providers, lauched a series of webinars which give a glance at the best worldwide case histories using satellite data.

On September 25th was the turn of Planetek. As reseller and user of Digitalglobe's imagery, Planetek has illustratred one of its most innovative E.O. based solutions during the webinar session titled “Indexes and Thematic Maps for Urban Planning and Soil Loss Evaluation”. The speaker, Claudio La Mantia, Geoservices Technical Manager of Planetek Italia group, presented the use of E.O. based indexes and maps developed for Urban Planning and Soil Loss Evaluation.

Webinar description

More and more urban planning processes need updated knowledge regarding the current situation of the areas, tools that can support planning processes and also systems to monitor the impact of the plans on the area.

All the planning stages (from the determination of the current situation, to the definition of the index that will be used to assess the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), up to the creation of communication channels with the most important stakeholders) can be put in just one continuous planning process, that starts with the planning process and lasts throughout the validity of the plan.

Planetek has developed, Preciso, a family of standardized geospatial products, based on remotely sensed data, such as Worldview-2 data, designed in particular to support the planning process and currently used by several local authorities in Italy.