Satellite images

Satellite images

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Rheticus® is an automatic cloud-based geoinformation service platform, designed to deliver fresh and accurate data and information on our changing world

Geo-information products, derived from satellite data, designed to provide cognitive frameworks that meet the specific needs of each  application field.

Automatic cloud-based monitoring for infrastructures and buildings

A new service for the identification and analysis of possible wind farm sites

Digital Elevation Models derived from Satellite for orographic studies and for the design and management of works and infrastructures


DEIMOS-2 is a high-resolution satellite (75cm pansharpened), equipped with a very rapid and flexible acquisition capacity, indicated for the support of emergencies such as forest fires, and floods.

The RapidEye constellation of five satellites stands apart from other providers of satellite based geospatial information in their unique ability to acquire high resolution, large-area image data on a daily basis.

The two high resolution satellites Pléiades-1A and Pléiades-1B

The first commercial 1m Radar Satellite

The first high-resolution commercial satellite to offer 8-band capability and the better visual understanding of the world.